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Vuescan & ColorPerfect, A Guide.

20:15 25/09/2010

Introduction, Raw Scans, Neg Film, Highlight Compression, Slide Film, PhotoShop, Conclusion (updated 7 Mar 2013) Introduction Some time ago I wrote an article about getting the most from colour negative scans with VueScan. Since writing the article my workflow has changed significantly, and these are the main reasons why: It takes far too long to […]

Digital Asset Management & Film Archival

10:28 09/01/2009

Introduction Put yourself in this scenario, you have just received an e-mail about one of your online photos, the sender would like a hi-res copy for print (be it a competition entry/client/magazine/whatever), this is great news, but where did you put the original media??? If you’ve been taking a lot of photos for a while […]

Tips on Large Format Photography – What They Don’t Tell You!

16:18 29/06/2008

Introduction, Theory, Gear, Options, Conclusion © Ben Anderson Introduction Recently a friend of mine looking to take up large format photography asked my advice on what they should do, I wrote a lengthy e-mail to him which distilled all the knowledge I’d accumulated. Much of this knowledge was either very hard to find or required […]

Cleaning 10×8 (8×10) Fidelity Double Dark Slides

19:54 26/06/2008

WARNING!!! Although this procedure is straight forward, the author takes no responsibility for any damage, injury, or harm incurred to you, your gear, or anyone else by following this procedure. You attempt this ENTIRELY at your own risk. With that said, I recently picked up 4 Fidelity Elite 10×8 double dark slides (DDS’s), they were […]

Better colour neg scanning with VueScan.

22:31 21/04/2008

I no longer use this method, click here for my new ColorPerfect method Introduction, A Few Simple Options, Film profiles suck, Scanning Using The Histogram, & The Finished Article Introduction Hamrick Software’s VueScan is perhaps the most flexible and powerful piece of scanning software available to photographers today. Many people fall foul of its myriad […]

Photography tips, Parkour, Tricking, anything. (part-2)

19:25 04/03/2008

Part 2 – Environment, Isolation, Empathy, Diversity, & Story Click here for Part 1. 6. Environment This section is closely tied with Location in part 1. Almost everything we do is governed by our environment, and much of our behaviour is also a product of the environment. Parkour could arguably be said to be a […]

Photography tips, Parkour, Tricking, anything. (part-1)

23:09 02/03/2008

Part 1 – Equipment, Technique, Anticipation, Rapport, & Location When I was a child my grandad bought a Canon T90 SLR, I was transfixed by it, ever since then I knew I wanted to own a decent camera. A couple of years ago I was finally able to afford to buy myself that ‘decent’ camera, […]